Black Rose

Black Rose Service Awards 2017

The BR Service Awards Program is coming! Established in 1998 to honor outstanding individuals who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to the work of organizing, educating, supporting and protecting the BDSM community. The program was updated in 2011 to more accurately reflect the growing community and changing environment of the DC metro area.

The Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award recognizes an individual who has consistently provided exemplary educational service to, and for, the betterment of Black Rose, its members, and the greater national community over a number of years. The recipient of this award should be an individual who has personally developed and presented on a wide variety of alternative topics to a broad spectrum of audiences both within the usual BDSM community and to other interested organizations in the professional or academic fields. The recipient does not have to be a current Black Rose member at the time the award was given. This award is not required to be given out yearly but only to recognize exemplary service to the larger community. Nominations may be taken and no award given in any year.

The Membership Service Award recognizes a Black Rose member who have provided exemplary service to, and for, the betterment of the organization and its members within the last three years. Awardees MUST be members of Black Rose to be nominated. Up to two Membership Service awards may be given in a year.

Members of the BR Board are not eligible for awards. Anyone from the larger community, regardless of BR membership can nominate an individual for an award.

If you can think of anyone deserving of either of these honors, please nominate them by sending an email to Nominations should be submitted by June 5.