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First aid/CPR/AED classes

First aid/CPR/AED classes

Black Rose is proud to offer the BDSM community certification classes in CPR, First Aid, and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) through the American Heart Association.

This certification course is open to anyone associated with the Black Rose. You do not have to be a member of Black Rose to attend. The First Aid portion of the course will include discussions of injuries that may arise from BDSM play. For this reason, only scene aware people 19 years or older should attend the class.

Due to scheduling logistics, there will be a minimum class size of six students. If there are fewer than six students registered for the course, the course will be rescheduled. Because of this minimum class size requirement, please read carefully the Black Rose announcements. When a CPR/AED/FA class is announced, there will be a registration deadline. If there are fewer than six students registered for the class by the deadline, the class will be rescheduled. Unfortunately, last minute registrations will not be accepted.

This course incorporates the latest protocols, including instruction in the use of the AED. You have probably seen AEDs in airports, government buildings and large office buildings. You will be seeing more and more AEDs being deployed. In 1999, President Clinton stated that he wanted to see AEDs in every federal office. The goal is to have AEDs a common as Fire Extinguishers.

The AED is a simple and safe piece of emergency care equipment. It works with the rescue responder (that’s you!) during the administration of CPR. It automatically monitors the victim’s heart activity. It communicates, via a computer voice system, to the rescuer. It gives the rescuer step-by-step instructions. Only under very unique circumstances will the AED instruct the rescuer to administer a precise electrical shock to restart the victim’s heart. The AED is proven technology and has already saved hundreds of lives. Records have shown that the proper application of CPR and AED has raised the survival rate of victims of cardiac arrest (total heart stoppage) to almost 70%. AEDs are safe to the rescuer and as foolproof as possible. Fire extinguishers are more difficult to operate than AEDs. AEDs are simply the best thing to happen to CPR – ever.

Black Rose is now the proud parent of four infant CPR training mannequins. This means that we can offer certification in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR techniques.

Please consider getting certified or renewing your certification.  You can monitor the Black Rose website and BRNews announcements for class announcements. For information on certifications and classes, please E-mail

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