Black Rose

Education Series

For over twenty-five years, Black Rose has provided an educational program every Tuesday night ranging from lectures, demos, slideshows, socials, even films.

This is a great opportunity to have fun, socialize, and develop your talents. Classes will be announced as presenters and curriculum are scheduled. Check the website for updates or attend the Tuesday night meetings for announcements!

Tuesday night classes are cash only $5 for BR members with membership card $10 for all others.  All welcome!

Black Rose also holds monthly hands on workshops at the Crucible. These events are open only to BR or Crucible members with membership card and guests (limit 2 per member).  Workshops are $10 for BR and Crucible members $20 for guests. details can be found on the calendar.

For additional information, contact

The Difference Between Black Rose Board Meetings and Annual Membership Meeting

Board Meetings are open to all members of Black Rose unless otherwise stated (occasionally there is a need for a closed session). The meetings give Board Members an opportunity to get together and present new ideas or discuss old ones. Board Members talk about what projects they have been working on or what they would like to do. Voting on issues important to the day to day running of Black Rose are handled at this time. Board Meetings also allow an opportunity for members to voice their opinions, concerns, and questions in a business setting.

Meetings are usually held at least once a month. For more information on location, directions and times please refer to the calendar or email

The Annual Membership Meeting is held once a year at a regular Tuesday night meeting. This is an opportunity for the members of Black Rose to hear what their Board of Directors have been doing for them and what their vision for the future is. This is your chance to tell the Board what you think, what you want for the future, and if you have ideas on how to achieve those goals please feel free to present those too.