Nominations Open Today

Hello, hello, hello Black Rose!
This is your friendly Election Chair, cricket, back at it again for another round of “Black Rose Board Member Bingo!” (Also known as elections season.)
While the process will again be digital this year, the timeline will go back to its regular schedule. 
Here are some important dates coming up in the next few weeks:

Monday, March 15: – Nominations are Open!

Thursday, April 8: – Distance Waivers Due (Associate Members)

Thursday, April 15:- Deadline to join Black Rose and be eligible to vote- Voting members, please check that your email on file is correct. The email on file is where your virtual ballot link will be sent

Nomination Basics:

Who can nominate a candidate?
Anyone can nominate a human for the BR Board of Directors, but only Black Rose members who have been good standing for at least a year (as of April 30) can be elected to the Board. For some positions like Arbiter and Ombudsman, members need to be in good standing for at least the past three years. 

Want to nominate someone, but aren’t sure how long they’ve been a member?
Don’t worry, after the nomination gets sent to, our lovely Membership Director is then asked to verify that that nominated human can run for the Board.

What information should I include in a nomination?
When sending in a nomination, please include the member’s name, both their legal name and the name that they would like to go by publicly. 
If you are nominating yourself: Tell us about yourself in a candidate statement: who you are, maybe what you’ve done and why you want to help out Black Rose by serving on the Board of the Directors. Candidate statements should be between 50 and 250 words. Final versions are due by Wednesday, May 5.

Distance Waivers? Associate Members?
If you live outside of Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia you are not automatically eligible to vote.
If you would like to vote in this year’s election and live outside of the voting states, please email to request a distance waiver. Requests are due by Thursday, April 8 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Possible fraud warning involving the BR name

It has come to the attention of the Black Rose Board of Directors that there is a person operating, possibly in the Los Angeles area, who says they are recruiting for Black Rose. According to what we’ve learned, recruits are asked to pay a fee (about $200) to register as a “slave” for the organization. We have also heard reports of additional fees, of a similar amount, being requested for toys and kits. 

BR would like to remind everyone that we never charge fees outside of our membership fees (listed at or event fees (listed at In addition, BR does not ever license anyone to recruit for our organization. We operate solely in the Washington, DC area and have no branches or chapters in any other location.

Please use caution in your financial transactions. Diligence is always the best protection against this type of fraud. Each report we’ve heard about these incidents has come from potential victims who have checked with us because something seemed amiss. Remember that, in the age of the internet, not everyone is who they claim to be.

BR Gateway is Back!

The Black Rose Gateway program, having been suspended since April due to COVID-19, is back! Virtual BR Gateway is now listed on our calendar, and tickets can be purchased online from the same place. Everyone 18 or older is welcome to attend.

For more information about what Gateway is and who it is designed for, please check out our Gateway page here on our website.

Any references to in-person activities are NOT current.

BR Emails to Yahoo and AOL Addresses

Please note that we have been experiencing difficulty sending email from addresses to Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail addresses. If you have emailed us from either a or email account and did not receive a response, you may wish to contact us through a different address so that we can get back to you. We are working with our email provider to remedy this issue, but the issue appears to be these providers blocking our (and other) shared web hosts.