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Upcoming Education Events in February

Coming up in February at Black Rose:


Feb 5 – Consent Counts Discussion for Community Organizers with heather from NCSF

Feb 12 – Pick-Up D/s – Power Exchange on the Fly with Darren Infinity

Feb 19 – Hurting Bodies Need Loving, Too

Feb 26 – Perverting Pavlov: Ethically Using Classical and Operant Conditioning in Humans with MJ

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Bylaws Amendments for 2019

In preparation for BR’s 2019 elections, the Board of Directors is proposing some amendments to the bylaws. Voting on these amendments will take place on February 14, 2019, and, if passed, the will effect the following changes:

Read the full text of the amendments, along with a complete description of why we’re changing the Bylaws, here. This amendment is open for comment until February 10, 2019. Send comments to

Call for Elections Chair for 2019 elections

It’s that time again! Elections for the Board of Directors for 2019 are coming up, and we need a volunteer to run the elections as our Elections Chair. Are you passionate about helping Black Rose, dedicated to serving our members, and ensuring that our Board elections are run smoothly? Then this position may be for you.

The Elections Chair ensures that our elections are fair and impartial. You’ll be responsible for advertising and getting candidates to volunteer, for running the election, and for counting ballots at the end. If you’re interested in helping us with this exciting and critical job, and meet the requirements, please send a brief statement to

To serve as Elections Chair, you must be a Black Rose member. You cannot be a member of the Board, nor have been one within the past year, nor a candidate for the Board, nor be in a close and continuing relationship with a current Board member or candidate.