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Upcoming Education Events in December

Coming up in December at Black Rose:


Dec 4 – POC Roundtable: POC in the kink community.

Dec 11 – “Hey look, a bus!”: Creating and evolving your kinky risk profile with Mikki and soms_iets

Dec 15 – Workshop: From Single Column to Scene with Ginger Jones

Dec 18 – Violet Wand 101 – Starting the lightning with Papa-Bear-Tony

Dec 25 – No Class


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Black Rose and GDPR

You may have heard that Black Rose is changing its mailing lists to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was recently passed by the European Union. “Why am I receiving this email?” you might ask. “Why does this obscure law affect me?” Read on, fellow kinkster, and we will answer all (some) of your questions, as long as they’re related to GDPR.

What’s the least I need to know?

BR is working on making its mailing lists complaint with GDPR, an EU regulation for consent to data collection by companies and organizations. To comply with this regulation, we need you to reaffirm your consent to receive email from us. If you’ve received a “This Week at BR” email anytime since January, you can go to that email and click on the “Update preferences” link. Alternatively, you can go to the BRNews subscription page and enter your email address; you’ll be automatically sent a link to your profile.

What happens if I don’t do anything?

You won’t receive any more BR newsletters from our MailChimp list. We’re migrating all our news lists to MailChimp, so eventually you won’t get any newsletters at all. If you’re a BR member, you’ll still receive system emails like renewal notifications, since those emails are a necessary part of your membership.

What is GDPR?

This is really complicated, but what it boils down to is that you have to consent to have information collected about you or to have that data analyzed for, say, targeted marketing or mass emails. The most recent regulations specifically apply to non-EU businesses doing business in the EU, such as Facebook or Amazon.

Why is BR complying with GDPR? Aren’t you a US business doing business in the US?

There are two reasons for complying with GDPR, even for primarily non-EU businesses.


The regulations apply to any business that does any business in the EU. In theory, sending even one email to one person in the EU exposes us to liability, and we don’t know whether anyone on our lists has moved in the past 30 years. Fines are as high as 20 million euros, an amount which would be catastrophic to us. Making our mailing lists GDPR-compliant is basically free.

Spirit of the Time

Many tech companies that need to comply with GDPR for their EU customers have been applying GDPR requirements to all customers. Among these companies is Facebook, a company whose actions were a strong motivator for the new GDPR in the first place. GDPR implements in law many best practices for consent to data collection, retention, and use. It just makes sense to use them. Kink organizations place a great value on privacy and consent, so BR should be proactive in this area.