Gateway Attendee FAQ

Black Rose (BR) Gateway makes a great entry to the world of Black Rose (for beginners who have been to fewer than 10 Black Rose events). The meeting is an informal lecture and discussion and there is nothing you need to bring. Casual or business attire is always more appropriate than scene wear for this event.

A more complete description on the program itself can be found on our BR Gateway page.

What time should I arrive?

Since doors open at 7:30, and we try to start the program on the stroke of 8:00, we encourage everyone to try to be in the door not later than 7:40 in order to get your tickets and get settled while everyone else is trying to do the same thing.

Once we get rolling with useful information, there isn’t time to circle back around from the start.

Is The Crucible accessible?

Once inside: yes. Getting into the door involves an incline up to the (non-automatic) door, and a raised threshold at entry. There is one fully accessible restroom stall.

ASL interpreters are available by request in advance; please email with your specific needs.

Please let our staff know if you have any visual, auditory, or sensory needs.

What should I wear?

Since this is not a play party, casual or business attire is more appropriate than either scene wear or no-wear. Whatever you wear, be sure it will comfortable for sitting in a folding chair and listening for about 90 minutes.

Are discounts available?

If you are under 21 (but still 18+), ensure that you point this out to the person at the front door when you arrive, and you will be admitted without charge.

If you would like to attend, but are financially unable to do so, please email us to email us at, and we’ll work with you.

Where can I get information about Dungeon 101?

While BR Gateway and Dungeon 101 are complementary events (think “lecture” vs “lab”), they are run by separate entities. Black Rose operates BR Gateway, and The Crucible operates Dungeon 101.

Your best option to get Dungeon 101-specific answers is to email

How can I purchase tickets to Dungeon 101?

Dungeon 101 tickets are also not offered in advance; you will purchase them at the door on Friday night. Black Rose cannot sell them to you the night before at Gateway.

Why is this labeled [Month] but held in [Previous Month]?

BR Gateway is scheduled monthly on the evening before the first Friday of each month. This means that when the first Friday is also the 1st, we host on the last day of the previous month.

Still need help?

Email for more information about this program, or for more information about Black Rose or its other events.