Dungeon 101

Dungeon 101 (D101) is designed to serve as part two of our newcomer program that begins with BR Gateway.

Dungeon 101 serves as an introduction into public BDSM play. If you have never attended a public BDSM play event, it can be a bit daunting. The Dungeon 101 class is specifically designed to make you feel comfortable at your first public BDSM dungeon event.

When is the Dungeon 101 class held?

Dungeon 101 is scheduled on the first Friday of each month.  BR Gateway is scheduled on the Thursday before that, even if that means that sometimes they fall in different months (e.g., 31st vs 1st).

Where is the Dungeon 101 class given?

Dungeon 101 takes place at The Crucible at 412 V Street NE in Washington DC.  The Crucible is a BDSM club which has a close working relationship with BR.  On-street parking is available (please obey all posted signs and also do NOT park in front of residences on 4th Street). Alternatively, it is a reasonable walk to/from the Rhode Island Avenue metro station.

How much does the Dungeon 101 class cost?

As the D101 class is being held in a commercial club, there will be a cost for attending. The good news is that at the BR Gateway meeting, we will be giving you a coupon that will admit you into the Dungeon 101 class for a discounted rate. Each person must have their own BR Gateway coupon to receive the discount. Without the card, the cost is $25 for BR & Crucible members with membership card, $35 for all others.

What time does the Dungeon 101 class start?

On D101 nights, the Crucible doors open at 7:30.  Class starts at 8:00 PM.  We encourage you to arrive early so that you can make a nametag and socialize before class begins.

What happens at Dungeon 101?

D101 starts with a brief discussion of etiquette at public play parties. There is a very small amount of overlap between topics covered at BR Gateway and topics covered here.

After the discussion is the Exploratorium. Numerous demo stations will be set up all around the space.  At each station, a Dungeon 101 volunteer will be demonstrating a different toy or technique.  This is an opportunity to taste a bit of what we have to offer.  The presenters will be glad to show you what something feels like or show you how to use it (or both).  Think of the Exploratorium as a tasting menu: a chance for you to see what things are without having to commit.

At 11:00, we turn the entire club over to Open Play.  Whether you’d like to stay and play, or you’d prefer to watch or just hang out, please do! More experienced folk come out after 11pm for Open Play.

What should I wear?

When you are traveling to The Crucible, please wear family-friendly street attire. This includes the walk from metro as well as the walk from wherever you parked your car; there are residences only a block or two away, and we want to remain good neighbors!

Once you get inside, wear whatever you want!  Many BDSM/fetish clubs have strict dress codes; The Crucible doesn’t.  We encourage you to wear whatever you feel good in.  We welcome you however you’re dressed: jeans and t-shirts, business suits, latex gowns, leather chaps, fursuits, your birthday suit.  There’s even room for you to change, so if you’re uncomfortable wearing your Crucible outfit on the Metro, we’ve got you covered (or uncovered, as the case may be).  If all you wear in is a trench coat and a smile, we’ve got a place for you to hang your trench coat. (As a side note: if you’re planning on wearing awesome-but-uncomfortable-footwear, it’s a good idea to throw something more comfortable in your bag just in case your feet get tired.)

What should I bring?

Bring the admission card you received at BR Gateway to get your discount.  Also, money for your cover charge and any drinks you may want to buy (the Crucible does not serve alcohol on BDSM nights, but non-alcoholic choices like water, sodas, and energy drinks are available for $1-$5/each.  The Crucible accepts credit cards both at the door and at the bar.

COVID-19 Note: Please check The Crucible’s home page for the latest information and policies surrounding vaccination and/or masking requirements.

If you have a toybag, you’re welcome to bring it.  Be sure to mark it so that you can tell it’s yours.  (Do the same with your coat).  If you don’t have a toybag, don’t worry. If you’re not sure what to put in your toybag, we recommend the following: your favorite toys (e.g., rope, flogger, wooden spoon, etc.), a blanket or throw, comfy clothes and/or shoes (if what you’re wearing isn’t), any grooming/make-up tools you may want/need for the evening.

Do not bring cameras or other recording devices.  You may bring your cellphone with you, but it must remain out of sight while you’re on the club floor.  If you receive a call, we require that you to go at least as far as the lobby to answer it.

I didn’t go to BR Gateway, can I still come to Dungeon 101?

We encourage you to go to BR Gateway, but attendance isn’t mandatory.  The price of admission is $25 for Crucible members, $35 all others, less a discount if you have the card you received at BR Gateway. If you can’t make the Dungeon 101 that immediately follows the BR Gateway you attend, that’s fine, the card is good for a few months.

If you have questions about Dungeon 101 that haven’t been answered, please e-mail d101@br.org, and you should receive a response within 24 hours. Please note that emails sent after 4pm on the day of the event will likely remain unanswered until afterwards.