Reciprocal Groups

Current Black Rose Reciprocal Groups

  • Albany Power Exchange (APEX) – Albany, NY
  • Baltimore Educational and Social Society (BESS) – Baltimore, MD
  • Charlotte Area Power Exchange (CAPEX) – Charlotte, NC
  • Charlottesville Underground Fetish Fellowship (CUFF) – Charlottesville, VA
  • The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) – New York City, NY
  • The Exiles – San Francisco, CA (women only)
  • New England Dungeon Society (NE-DS) – Boston, MA
  • OhioSMART -Cleveland, OH
  • Panhandle Alternative Lifestyles Society (PALS) – Northwestern, FL
  • Rochester Kink Society – Rochester, NY
  • Special Interest Group Men’s Association (SigMa) – Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC area (men only)
  • Society of Janus – San Francisco, CA
  • Threshold – Los Angeles, CA

Reciprocity with Black Rose

Black Rose believes that education starts at home, and therefore we encourage people to join their local education and support group. We hope that someday members of the community will be able to travel the country and feel welcome at any local club’s meeting or event.

Education and support groups interested in reciprocity with us may contact the Black Rose Board of Directors. Below are the guidelines and procedures for becoming a reciprocal organization.

Black Rose Reciprocity Guidelines

At its discretion, the Black Rose Board of Directors may grant reciprocity to clubs or organizations that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Have officers or boards that are regularly elected by the membership
  2. Have at least one regularly scheduled meeting per month
  3. Collect recurring dues in some form
  4. Issue affiliation cards
  5. Extend reciprocity to Black Rose (see below)
  6. Have met guidelines 1 through 4 for at least 6 months.
  7. Reciprocity continues in perpetuity as long as the above criteria are met.

Reciprocity Explanation

Black Rose and the reciprocity organization shall, for the purposes of this section, have equivalent regulations for each others’ card carrying members including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Black Rose members will be admitted to normal functions (e.g., regularly-scheduled educational events, workshops, parties, and the like) of the reciprocal organization without additional or onerous reservation procedures. Each such card-carrying Black Rose member will be allowed to be accompanied by at least one guest.; and
  2. Admission charges
    1. Reciprocal organizations with one single fixed admission rate will permit Black Rose members entry at not more than this standard price.
    2. Reciprocal organizations with two admission rates
      1. a non-member rate (highest)
      2. a member rate (lowest)
      3. will permit Black Rose members entry at a rate not to exceed the lower member rate.
    3. Reciprocal organizations with three admission rates
      1. non-member rates (highest)
      2. member rates (lowest)
      3. a reciprocal group rate that is between these rates
      4. will permit Black Rose members entry at a rate not to exceed the reciprocal group rate.
  3. Special Restrictions
    1. Reciprocity is not expected to extend to special meetings, such as an annual business meeting, nor to members-only subgroups (special-interest groups, etc.) of a reciprocal organization.
    2. Reciprocity is not expected to take precedence over any organization’s minimum-age, gender, or orientation requirements.

Black Rose Reciprocity Procedures

To request reciprocity with Black Rose, please email with the following information:

  1. Primary Group Contact and Contact Information
  2. Reciprocity Contact (if different from Primary Contact)
  3. Web Site Address
  4. Snail Mail Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Mission Statement
  7. Group Inception Date
  8. Geographic Area Served (if appropriate)
  9. Statements explaining how your group meets the guidelines, (e.g. Elected board of 7, Educational Lectures on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, $35/yr per person, Membership Card, etc.)