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Missing Your BR Emails?

You’re sure you setup your email on the new email lists, but now you’re not seeing the emails you’re expecting. You’ve checked your subscriptions and you see you’re on the lists you want to be on, but still no emails. What’s happening?

We need your consent to send you emails. We’re all about consent around here. BR has recently implemented GDPR (more info) which has an opt in, or enthusiastic consent, policy. You must explicitly give us permission to email you as part of our email list.

Great, you consent! … but how do you let us know you consent? Even though BR isn’t selling you anything (except some classes and workshops, shh) the consent we need is “Marketing Permission” … we didn’t name it. On the subscribe form it looks like this:

Once your email subscription includes your consent, you’ll start getting BR emails again.

Election Update for 2018 – Write-In Candidates

During this election cycle, the Black Rose Board of Directors is looking to fill four open seats. While there are two official candidates, there are also two additional available positions, leaving the option for write-in candidates. The Black Rose Bylaws (§3.02 paragraphs (b) & (h)) give direction on the consideration of all candidates, including write-ins.

Anyone wishing to launch a write-in campaign must meet the same eligibility requirements as outlined for regular candidates in §3.02(b), including having been a member since April 30, 2017.

In order to prevent potential fraud in Black Rose elections, all variants on any potential candidates’ NAME (differences in spelling, punctuation, nicknames, etc.) will be tallied as unique individuals and these totals will NOT be combined with any other tallies.

Anyone choosing to run an active write-in campaign to be elected to any position must select a single (unique is best) NAME to use in their write-in campaign.

  1. It is the candidate’s duty to disseminate that specific form of their NAME to all of their likely electors.
  2. The Elections Team can bear no responsibility for any act or failure to act regarding the candidates chosen NAME.

If you are voting for one or more write-in candidates for any position, please check with the candidate to ensure that you have their specified NAME.

The election team will update this post with write-in questions (and their answers) as the election cycle gets underway. If you would like to ask a question, please send an email to

Election Candidates for 2018

The 2018 Black Rose Candidates are:

Board of Directors

See separate post (including important changes for 2018) regarding write-in candidates here.

John L. “Starpirate”

I ask that you consider me for the Black Rose Board. I have served Black Rose as a Board Member for the last two years. During that period I have also served in the position of Education Director. I have helped guide us in our transition from classes at Hotels to the now being held at the Crucible. I have worked with the Gateway and Dungeon 101 as a presenter and organizer. During the last two years I have aided the Membership Committee and we have seen our membership increase dramatically. Going forward I am turning over the duties of Education Director and intend if reelected to continue as the Board Member responsible for Education. This will allow the Education Director to focus on programming while the Board Member would focus on the logistics. My goals for the future of Black Rose is a focus on increasing membership and broadening our diversity. I want for us to reach out to other groups in the Kink Community and build a strong bond and comradery and establish mutual support and benefit. I want to to expand the opportunities for our members to learn from our Education Classes and Workshops, and also from other groups as well. I look forward to expanded opportunities to enjoy Social activities at the Crucible and at other Clubs in the area and across our reciprocal network. I look forward to again having the chance to serve Black Rose and the Community at large.

Dave S.

I’m Dave, and I’m running for reelection to the Board of Directors. I joined the Board in 2016 and, since then, I’ve been honored to serve you as Communications Director, supervisor of the IT Team, and Secretary. I’m eager to continue serving you and to keep giving back to this great organization.

Candidates for Arbiter

Beth L. 

I am currently an emeritus board member and Arbiter for BR. I first volunteered with BR in 2004 and have been an active member and volunteer since 2005. In my four years on the board I served as treasurer, IT director, and Chairman among many other roles. This background provides a strong base of knowledge and experience to support my role as Arbiter.

My role over the years in coordinating the food for the monthly BR Night at the Crucible and my frequent attendance at a wide variety of BR events as well as my visibility as a regular presenter for BR creates a presence and bond with the membership that makes me accessible and easy to approach.

My background in relationship coaching and business management provide extensive experience in gathering the full scope of information and dealing fairly with all sides in an unbiased way to achieve the optimal resolution of conflict.

Candidates for Ombudsman

Melissa B.

I am currently an emeritus board member, CATS coordinator, and current Ombudsman. I have served many roles for over 14 years with Black Rose on staff and also staff for the BR Events. I feel my past experience with Black Rose will positively support my role as Ombudsman.  Those roles include (but are not limited to), Chairman of the Board, EBM, IT director, TNG Coordinator, CATS coordinator, Arbiter, previous Ombudsman and by-laws committee member.

I feel I am a good candidate for Ombudsman; being personable and easy to approach by the membership. I strive to be supportive of all members, fair, reasonable, and gather unbiased facts to provide to BR if any situation arrives that I am called to review.

Black Rose and GDPR

You may have heard that Black Rose is changing its mailing lists to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was recently passed by the European Union. “Why am I receiving this email?” you might ask. “Why does this obscure law affect me?” Read on, fellow kinkster, and we will answer all (some) of your questions, as long as they’re related to GDPR.

What’s the least I need to know?

BR is working on making its mailing lists complaint with GDPR, an EU regulation for consent to data collection by companies and organizations. To comply with this regulation, we need you to reaffirm your consent to receive email from us. If you’ve received a “This Week at BR” email anytime since January, you can go to that email and click on the “Update preferences” link. Alternatively, you can go to the BRNews subscription page and enter your email address; you’ll be automatically sent a link to your profile.

What happens if I don’t do anything?

You won’t receive any more BR newsletters from our MailChimp list. We’re migrating all our news lists to MailChimp, so eventually you won’t get any newsletters at all. If you’re a BR member, you’ll still receive system emails like renewal notifications, since those emails are a necessary part of your membership.

What is GDPR?

This is really complicated, but what it boils down to is that you have to consent to have information collected about you or to have that data analyzed for, say, targeted marketing or mass emails. The most recent regulations specifically apply to non-EU businesses doing business in the EU, such as Facebook or Amazon.

Why is BR complying with GDPR? Aren’t you a US business doing business in the US?

There are two reasons for complying with GDPR, even for primarily non-EU businesses.


The regulations apply to any business that does any business in the EU. In theory, sending even one email to one person in the EU exposes us to liability, and we don’t know whether anyone on our lists has moved in the past 30 years. Fines are as high as 20 million euros, an amount which would be catastrophic to us. Making our mailing lists GDPR-compliant is basically free.

Spirit of the Time

Many tech companies that need to comply with GDPR for their EU customers have been applying GDPR requirements to all customers. Among these companies is Facebook, a company whose actions were a strong motivator for the new GDPR in the first place. GDPR implements in law many best practices for consent to data collection, retention, and use. It just makes sense to use them. Kink organizations place a great value on privacy and consent, so BR should be proactive in this area.