Don’t get scammed!

Bad actors pose as Black Rose, promise your dreams, steal your money

The Black Rose (BR) Board of Directors is aware of several scams/frauds involving the malicious use of the Black Rose name. These incidents are ongoing and have involved circumstances such as:

  • Being asked to pay for a collaring ceremony
  • Being recruited as a registered slave for Black Rose
  • Being asked to pay additional fees for toys and/or kits

BR reminds everyone we never charge fees outside of our membership fees (listed at or event fees (listed at In addition, BR does not ever license anyone to recruit for our organization. We operate solely in the Washington, DC area and have no branches or chapters in any other location.

Please use caution in your financial transactions. Diligence is always the best protection against this type of fraud. Each report we’ve received about these incidents has come from potential victims who checked with us because something seemed amiss. Remember, in the age of the internet, not everyone is who they claim to be.